Sunday, March 1, 2009

Police In Seattle Hard At Work

Here's some coverage of a severe police beating of a 90-pound 15 year old girl, accused of taking her mother's car without permission.

She's moved into a holding cell and instructed to take her shoes off.

When she shucks off one of the shoes "disrespectfully," well, just watch what happens next, below.

She's now suing the department and the officers in question.

One of the funnier things that strikes me as an urban sort is the shock that suburban upper-middle-class mostly white folks express when city residents express fear and dislike of the police.

The reason is pretty simple -- this sort of behavior is rather common at the hands of inner city police officers, and usually doesn't get caught. And 90% of it is provoked by drug war policies that transform every black man who wears a hoodie and drives a nice car into a potential criminal to be beaten in a holding cell for "not respecting the off'cers authoritay."

Unlike this girl, they don't have the resources to get the media and top lawyers involved.

Update: Apparently this isn't the first run-in this officer has had with excessive force. In 2006, he shot a mentally disabled man 11 times, killing him in a traffic stop. He was cleared for "operating under police procedure."

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