Thursday, September 23, 2010

More of This, Please

Or perhaps I should say, "Less of this one, please."

Or how about just, "None of them. Ever again. Please....For the Love of God."

The latest Sunshine State/VSS poll shows controversial Democratic incumbent Alan Grayson trailing former state Senator Dan Webster by seven points, 43 percent to 36 percent. A majority of respondents -- 51 percent -- disapprove of the job that Grayson is doing. Independents have an unfavorable view of him as well, by a 36/47 margin.

Grayson has ignored the conventional wisdom that a freshman should be a quiet member who carefully tends to the home fires.

The latest controversy involves his "Taliban Dan" advertisement, where he explicitly compares his opponent to the Taliban, and shows a clip of Webster paraphrasing Ephesians 5:22 -- "wives, submit to your husbands."

An unedited version of the clip shows that Webster was actually suggesting that husbands ought not concentrate on that verse, but rather should look at what the Bible tells them to do. Politico reports that the advertisement has been condemned by and the Orlando Sentinel.

Regardless, an incumbent Congressman polling at 36 percent is in very deep trouble, especially in a swing district like this one. RCP currently rates the race as Leans Republican.

Of all the hyper-partisan leftist blowhards afflicting American political life one would be hard pressed to find a smug, obnoxious demagogue who better epitomizes the vicious, hate-filled degeneracy and deceit of America's political far left than the odious Alan Grayson.

Personally I'll take the soft-spoken churchie caught redhanded on camera actually giving a shit about his family and daring share this with others over the angry militant bombast who can think of nothing more important in life than how he and his thieving fellow travelers should be running everyone's life.

Florida's 8th can't do the country a fast enough favor by jettisoning this lunatic darling of the delusional statist control freaks currently in charge of the asylum in DC.

Clearly the screaching left is as oblivious as Grayson is to how arrogant megalomania and shameless earth-scorching aren't so constructive in advancing their tyrannical ideology, much less in imposing their incredibly-destructive policies on an unwilling nation.....loddy doddy everybody, as we used to say in the Army.

Fortunately it only took the country a bare election cycle's worth of pummeling by these ruthless soul-crushing, freedom-killing national socialist bullies to finally provoke the unyielding wrath of the nation's vast bulk of heretofore-silent citizens who actually produce the fruits on which these statist parasites can never ever engorge themselves enough.

Buh-Bye then there, Fred McMurray's Secret Mistake.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

FLASHBACK REPOST: March 18, 2009: New Castle County Executive Chris Coons : A Rich Little Tax Raising Democrat

Lest any New Castle Countian or Delaware voter forget, Chris Coons has made quite clear there is no such thing as an excess of government, only a shortage of taxation.


Well, it looks like another domino is falling in the chain of tax-raising Democrat autocracy that is government most anywhere in Delaware, with city, county, state, and federal government all solidly in the hands of tax more, borrow more, spend more Democrat politicians.

(Sorry, folks, but when you show me a government official from the Republican or any other non-Democrat political party in Delaware, or nationally, who is looking to raise taxes on the struggling citizenry I will gladly blast them just as forcefully).

On the heels of Wilmington Mayor Baker's promise that the city government will raise "taxes, fees, and anything we can", now comes blow # 2 to the double-taxed Wilmington residents, as well as a blow to all other home and property owners in New Castle County : a WHOPPING 25% increase in property tax rates.

Coons Seeks 25% Property Tax Hike
The News-Journal March 18, 2009

If approved by County Council, the tax hike would be the second biggest in county history and would raise an extra $21 million to help balance the $234 million budget for the 2010 fiscal year that begins July 1.

The average annual property tax bill would rise by about $100 to $501. Coons' spending plan also calls for a 10 percent increase in sewer fees.

The overall budget reflects the impact of the recession, particularly in housing. The county has depended heavily for years on a share of the statewide real estate transfer tax to balance its budget. Revenues from that tax have plummeted as home sales swooned.

"I think we've just gone overboard -- we've overspent," said civic leader Frances West, noting that residents will have to adjust to having less. "It's like raising kids. If you give them luxuries and then take them away, they're not going to be happy.

Coons' spending plan would trim personnel costs by $4.8 million, an amount he said could be achieved by laying off 75 to 100 employees.


If layoffs are needed, they would occur across the board and include public safety services such as police and paramedics.

Coons said he is continuing to negotiate with the county's six unions to see whether they would accept furloughs or some other form of payroll reductions.

So far, the unions have balked at Coons' proposed furloughs, suggesting that taxes instead be raised to save county jobs.

Personnel costs account for more than three-fourths of the county's spending.

News that Democrat Chris Coons intends to jack up property taxes on us all to make his political accommodations is no surprise. He is a personally very-rich Democrat, freshly-re-elected, making a tidy 6-figure paycheck on the public's backs while trying to carve himself out an incumbency career in Delaware politics.

Property taxes are but pocket change to someone as wealthy as Coons. Coons lives at 2301 Delaware Avenue in a nearly-4200 square foot, 6-bedroom, 4-bath stone mansion that sits on nearly half an acre of land in the high-dollar Highlands neighborhood in Wilmington. To give you a sense of the value, the property sold in 1981 for $225,000.00. Of course, what Coons paid for it is masked by a deed that cleverly states a purely-nominal sale price of $ 10.

Clearly Coons has no compassion for how close so many New Castle County residents are cutting it these days just to survive, much less afford to keep our homes.
I happen to be one such resident.

I live in a rather energy-inefficient drafty old house
built in 1886 in what was not too long ago a largely a crime-infested ghetto in a low-income census tract a stone's throw from downtown Wilmington. I have been struggling gradually to restore and modernize it for several years. I also run my own law practice out of it.

Every single penny counts and every extra bit of increased taxation hurts my efforts to eke out a living much less improve my home.

A "
$100 to $501" average annual tax increase may not seem like much to those in the Delaware Democrat government protectorate, but such a massive single tax hike really heaps insult upon injury to the residents of New Castle County.

We are not insulated from the economic downturn the way the government elites like Coons can and do insulate themselves. We have no choice but to pay however much more the Coons Democrat county government decides it wants to coerce from us.

Wilmington residents like me will have to add Coonsies' increased property taxes to the (likely to increase) property taxes we also pay to the City of Wimington for all the services that the county would otherwise provide us but doesn't and for which Wilmingtonians nonetheless still pay New Castle County.

Yes that's right, folks. Many people outside Wilmington don't know that Wilmington property owners are
double-taxed on our property, paying both City and County property taxes, though we only receive the 'services' of the city government!

Shame on you, Mr. Coons. While you have talked a good game about cutting here and there (with paltry personnel cost reductions a measly 2%) it is obvious you are more interested in servicing the bloat you and your Democrat party have made of county government, flowing out of the same government-centric mind that drives the lard-laden Wilmington patronage government racket.

You are clearly capitulating to the organized labor fatasses who dominate the Democrat party, who you need for any political future in it, and who are more than happy to exploit higher property taxes, holding hostage most peoples' biggest life investment : our homes, in order to continue theirs and your cozy ride on the public gravy train.


Coons needs to tighten county government's oversized belt a helluva lot more. He needs to stop fearmongering with threats of public safety cuts. And he needs to tell the unions exactly where they can put their demands before hijacking yet more money from the citizenry.

No government should be immune from sharing in the severe economic constriction we are seeing now, especially and most severely reflected in the depressed values of the very housing upon which Coons wants to up the tax ante.

Coons must be wagering we'll all forget about these tax increases when he comes around again for our votes for whatever office he next seeks. (Don't count on it, buddy.)

I can hardly wait to see what tax hikes Jack Markell and the Democrat-run General Assembly have in store for us, to address the $606,000,000.00 budget shortfall they claim must be filled to keep Delaware's bloated state government rolling in clover.

I would be ecstatic to be proven wrong about this but I will not be holding my breath. I have a sinking feeling that the state tax domino will be the next to fall right on top of us, along with the myriad other Democrat tax increases we are seeing from top to bottom.

Contact your County Councilperson and tell them NO TAX INCREASES IN NEW CASTLE COUNTY!

Friday, September 17, 2010

In Her Own Words: Christine O'Donnell 2006 U.S. Senate Radio Commercial

You be the judge.


My name is Christine O'Donnell, write-in candidate for U.S. Senate.

The biblical first fruits principle proves that, as the first state of our nation, Delaware has a unique responsibility to elect godly leaders.

There are two issues facing America next year that could force lawsuits on churches who refuse to ordain or marry homosexuals.

Neither of my opponents are pledging to protect the church body.

There's legislation that would make Delaware the global hub of embryonic stem cell research.

This expands our state's abortion tolerance and opens the door to human cloning in our backyards.

My opponent also wants to surrender our sovereignty to the United Nations.

The Washington Post once described Christians as poor, uneducated and easy to command when it comes to elections.

By writing me in on November 7th the body of Christ would come together and reclaim the authority we are given in government.

Delaware can elect a God-fearing U.S. Senator.

Learn more...[snip]