Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Rand Paul is Rockin' It in the Bluegrass State

Dr. Rand Paul looks poised to become the next junior Senator from Kentucky, if polling trends continue as they have.

As I have said before, Paul if elected would be the single most libertarian U.S. Senator in the last 50 years, if not more.

Paul has rocketed to the top of the polls from just months ago when he was pooh-poohed by establishment-type Republicans, much like the treatment his father Ron Paul received during his bid for the presidency.

Rand Paul entered the fray trailing behind establishment Kentucky Republican Secretary of State Trey Grayson. However, Paul has since taken a "commanding lead". His support is grassroots and based purely on the power of his ideas and the conviction with which he offers them up.

Rand Paul's election as a Republican U.S. Senator would be a serious harbinger that the libertarian conservative uprising in the G.O.P. is not only real but quite consequential and arguably the future of the party, no matter the exhortations, caricaturizations and defamations by hysterical leftists to the effect that the Republican Party is dominated by some minority fringe of redneck troglodyte bible thumpers.

Except for intractable statists and totalitarian-minded utopian collectivists, the basic notions of libertarianism are wildly popular amongst most human beings for the simple reason that freedom is cherished by human beings the world over.

Unless numbed up and dumbed down to a drooling mindset of entitled servitude or servile entitlement, most thinking human beings value and instinctively yearn for physical autonomy, personal self-direction, and the basic ideals of individual distinction and accomplishment.

20% of the country self-identifies as "liberal". I would argue that it is about this same percent of the populace (20%) that possesses the requisite self-importance, arrogance, self-righteousness, and general dementia enough to actually think that the force (violence, when you get down to it) of geographically-inescapable public power should be the handmaiden for enforcing their hodge-podge political and social control agenda...whatever their fancy happens to be this month/year/decade/century.

At bottom it's always the same agenda : power, patronage, and control.

Freedom becomes only more popular, its proponents more in demand, and its foundational philosophies more influential in times such as we now live...with the ham-fist of forced nationalist collectivism hammering away --- big corporatism and big government working in tandem behind a grotesque masquerade of pseudo-populist socialism.

Those now riding high in the seat of power proposing coercive federal mandates to heap increasingly crushing burdens on individuals, coupled to reckless fiscal profligacy with the public treasury, can look forward to a rising tide of broad, deep and fierce opposition to their perverse, manipulative machinations of national public policy and resources.

2009 has been an eye-opener, if not a big bucket of cold water thrown on the slumbering giant.

It is a godsend to liberty that the national leftists are so megalomaniacal in self-reinforcing delusions of social and historical grandeur that they are utterly oblivious the ground is shifting like quicksand beneath their feet.

Not that anyone would contend Kentucky is much of a state for leftist Democrats to pay attention to. But they would be wise to pay heed to the rapid rise of a populist-minded libertarian conservative like Rand Paul in a state in which the GOP has heretofore been largely a haven of country-club, internationalist, establishment politicians.

The totalitarians posing as democrats should take serious heed that their avowed mortal political enemy, the Republican Party, could be on the verge of sending to the United States Senate someone like Rand Paul - a consistent and unflappable opponent of that distorted quasi-religion that elevates and glorifies government power as the ultimate arbiter of all human interaction, if not the ultimate power over all humanity.

Rand Paul, if successful God willing, will not be the only defender of liberty embraced by the electorate in 2010 and beyond, when all is said and done.

There will be more...


Eric Dondero said...

Can you imagine for a second, that by the end of 2010 we could have a bonafide libertarian caucus in the US Senate:

Coburn, DeMint, Pat Toomey of PA, and Rand Paul. And it's quite possible Marco Rubio could win in Florida, as well.

Think of the heartburn for the likes of Reid, Boxer, Kerry, and Schumer.

Think of the wonderful moments as Rand Paul goes up against Al Franken. A true clash of ideologies.

Jim Fryar said...

I have been watching Rand for a while. Some of the up and coming candidates are impressing me greatly but he seems to stand out as one who can get the message across.

I am happy to see that this site has not folded since Steve has taken leave.

David said...

He would add welcomed diversity of thought.

Thane Eichenauer said...

Eric Dondero,
Coburn, DeMint and hypothetical Toomey may be fine Republicans (as the rest of them fail to inspire) but I haven't heard of them even speculate about legalizing marijuana. The same goes for Rand Paul.

What kind of libertarian does that make them - not one at all.