Thursday, December 31, 2009

Southern Avenger Lays Out the Scam of "Social Conservatism"

As I have written here and elsewhere before, social(ist) conservatives are an aberrant sect of what are, in essence, statists who have hijacked the moniker of conservatism.

They have done so, I believe, in an attempt to mask their fundamentally-statist authoritarianism in matters of personal or private life behind the nominal and false claim that they are not, in fact, quite in philosophical league with the socially-permissive leftists they so abhor.

Irrespective of "social conservative" claims of distinction from their leftist brethren and sistern, their agenda is nonetheless fundamentally the same. Social "conservatives" are merely big government statists with a different agenda for control and social uniformity...but just as frightening an agenda if taken even close to its natural conclusion.

So-called "social conservatives" are the other side of the same hollow coin of collectivist control over the individual.

And "social conservatives" positively exude (albeit from different justifications and rationalizations) the self-righteous social moralizing and pseudo-moralism that subsumes leftist ideology vis a vis the need for a massive comprehensive welfare state.

All true conservatives, i.e. those truly interested in reducing the power, scope and control of government over the lives of individuals and - yes - families, should beware these trojan horsemen "social conservatives" who would bastardize conservatism and risk making the word "conservative" as much of an epithet as the term liberal has become for most Americans.


Anonymous said...

There's nothing wrong with being socially conservative so long as you don't want to use the force of law to advance your agenda

Anonymous said...

what a bunch of asswipes. Republicans should wipe the slate of these hypocrits, neo cons just like the democratic party should wipe the slate of their corporate whores.

Kurt Wallace said...

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Unknown said...

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