Monday, February 22, 2010

CPAC: George Will's Outstanding (and often hilarious) Remarks

Will has the crowd bursting out laughing probably more times than all the other speakers combined that day.

The guy has wit, irony and intelligence all rolled into one.


Anonymous said...

Comrade Citizen Progressive

Progressive agenda for 21st-century America

My Fellow Forum Members. Yes, the election is over, but the work has just begun.We progressives should prepare once again to play our role as agents of bold ideas and political social transformation in the Midterm elections in which members of Congress, state legislatures, and some state governors are elected. We progressives will have to reflect a belief in the need for change. We must support our party through charity, through volunteerism, local and state governments, though surely all have a role. We should argue that we need programs that serve our national and international needs and encourage faith in our public institutions, creating a positive cycle of political change and space for further reform, advocate for true reform of our tax system so that everyone pays their fair share.
We progressives should reach out to recruit new members who share our goals and want to join our fight. Our movement lies in being an unapologetic champion for progressive ideas. Finding new confidence and imagination, we have begun to renew our political capital.

Just remember this. For struggle, Solidarity and Socialism! I swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Obama. Our laws and his will, according to him. We will not overthrow the government with violence. We shall stand, remain and be the law of his realm forever. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead for Obama to deliver them from evil.

Best Regards, ElMuertoMonkey

Mark Fisher said...

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Anonymous said...

Here we go! The New York Times once again is broad casting from Fantasy Land. Yes, General Motors is an icon. Yes, Alfred P. Sloan was a genius. However, post WWII, GM has been digging it’s own grave since the 1950s!
Cadillac as the standard for luxury? Maybe ---- for ‘drivers’ who get behind the wheel after hobbling to their vehicle with their walker. Even in the fifties. Even in the back wards mid west /Heart Land. [All three ‘coasts’ were probably a decade ahead of the standard culture curve.]
Yes, even decades ago, Caddy was grandpa’s dream car. Even middle aged drivers were looking else where. .
A vehicle for every niche? Oh, that decisive take over of Jeep for the pre SUV set. [Oops, never happened!]
Over kill on the avalanche of makes and models? Strangulation of creativity via layer after suffocating layer of so called ‘supervision‘? These short falls were served up to GM executive management FOR DECADES.
. [Late of Kansas City]

commoncents said...

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Common Cents

Anonymous said...

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