Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy Hour With Mike Castle

The campaign for U.S. Senate is now joined. New Castle County Executive Chris Coons has decided to take on Congressman Mike Castle. As an alumnus of Tower Hill School, it is nice to know the Senate seat will go either way to a Hiller. I believe it will be Castle ('57) rather than Coons ('80).

I will be giving every effort I can to the Castle Campaign, which was the first campaign for which I volunteered as a very young person in 1984.

Castle's record of service to Delaware is simply unparalleled.

For those who would attempt to make an issue of age or health in this race, think again. Mike Castle is as mentally sharp and physically spry as I have ever seen him. He is in excellent physical health and, from all I can see, truly fired up for this challenge. He's also only 4 years older than our esteemed Vice-President.

But don't believe me. See for yourself.....please join us in the Young Republicans of Delaware this Friday evening from 6-8 pm at Dead President's on Union Street in Wilmington for a Castle Campaign happy hour.

The guest bartenders will be the guests of honor...the Congressman himself and his lovely and gracious wife Jane.

WHO : Delaware Young Republicans

WHAT : Mike & Jane Castle Guest Bartender Happy Hour

WHERE : Dead President's Pub - 618 North Union Street - Wilmington, DE

WHEN : Friday February 5, 2010 6-8pm



Anonymous said...

I'll pass.

When Castle was Governor, during his eight years state spending increased 3x the rate of inflation (this includes adjustments for population).

During his tenure he out spent Ruth Ann and Tom Carper.

This was hardly what we hoped for as someone who served as Pete DuPont Lt. Governor.

John Galt

Anonymous said...

Other than the "coins" what else has the a guy actually done for Delaware. Everyone thinks the guy is a moderate he is not. His voting record during the Bush years show him voting with Bush 93% of the time. All the tax cuts, all the military spending, War in Iraq, the first big Paulson bailout (with no mechanism to pay back the taxpayers). Now again I defy you to list the accomplishments of this neo con.

Tyler Nixon said...

Frankly I'm glad I don't have a laundry list of federal government nonsense pushed by Mike Castle.

Leave that to central gov't showboats like neocon Joe Biden with his statute-clogging "Biden Crime Bills".

This is a libertarian blog. Unless you're talking about slashing the wasteful, fraudulent, abusive federal government then you are barking up the wrong tree.

Nevertheless I will put you and Mr. Galt down as "unconvinced".

But get used to calling Castle Senator, because he is bound for victory, even against the wily wealthy tax-raising Democrat political careerist Coons.