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More of This, Please

Or perhaps I should say, "Less of this one, please." Or how about just, "None of them. Ever again. Please....For the Love of God." Sunshine State Poll: Grayson In Trouble The latest Sunshine State/VSS poll shows controversial Democratic incumbent Alan Grayson trailing former state Senator Dan Webster by seven points, 43 percent to 36 percent. A majority of respondents -- 51 percent -- disapprove of the job that Grayson is doing. Independents have an unfavorable view of him as well, by a 36/47 margin. Grayson has ignored the conventional wisdom that a freshman should be a quiet member who carefully tends to the home fires. The latest controversy involves his " Taliban Dan " advertisement, where he explicitly compares his opponent to the Taliban, and shows a clip of Webster paraphrasing Ephesians 5:22 -- "wives, submit to your husbands." An unedited version of the clip shows that Webster was actually suggesting that hu

FLASHBACK REPOST: March 18, 2009: New Castle County Executive Chris Coons : A Rich Little Tax Raising Democrat

Lest any New Castle Countian or Delaware voter forget, Chris Coons has made quite clear there is no such thing as an excess of government, only a shortage of taxation. ------------------------------------------ Well, it looks like another domino is falling in the chain of tax-raising Democrat autocracy that is government most anywhere in Delaware, with city, county, state, and federal government all solidly in the hands of tax more, borrow more, spend more Democrat politicians. (Sorry, folks, but when you show me a government official from the Republican or any other non-Democrat political party in Delaware, or nationally, who is looking to raise taxes on the struggling citizenry I will gladly blast them just as forcefully). On the heels of Wilmington Mayor Baker's promise that the city government will raise "taxes, fees, and anything we can" , now comes blow # 2 to the double-taxed Wilmington residents, as well as a blow to all other home and property owners in Ne

In Her Own Words: Christine O'Donnell 2006 U.S. Senate Radio Commercial

You be the judge. Transcript: My name is Christine O'Donnell, write-in candidate for U.S. Senate. The biblical first fruits principle proves that, as the first state of our nation, Delaware has a unique responsibility to elect godly leaders. There are two issues facing America next year that could force lawsuits on churches who refuse to ordain or marry homosexuals. Neither of my opponents are pledging to protect the church body. There's legislation that would make Delaware the global hub of embryonic stem cell research. This expands our state's abortion tolerance and opens the door to human cloning in our backyards. My opponent also wants to surrender our sovereignty to the United Nations. The Washington Post once described Christians as poor, uneducated and easy to command when it comes to elections. By writing me in on November 7th the body of Christ would come together and reclaim the authority we are given in government. Delaware can elect a God-fearing U.