Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Congratulations to Indiana and Michigan Libertarians!

How do you organize to challenge the Demopublicans for "major" party status?

One of the most successful state Libertarian parties is in Indiana. Last night's election results show that they managed in an off-year to run 31 candidates statewide, with Susan Bell winning as Hagerstown Town Court Judge, and several other candidates polling 10-37% of the vote.

The Libertarian Party of Indiana explains its growth and success thus:

The Libertarian Party of Indiana is the only party other than the Democrats and Republicans with ballot access in Indiana. Hoosier Libertarians have continually earned ballot access since 1994.. Other parties have tried – and failed, to gain ballot access. We take pride in our consistent presence.

We are the new political center. Hoosier Libertarians advocate smaller government while vigilantly defending civil liberties. In a time of unprecedented spending and regulation from both major parties, Hoosier Libertarians are a sensible and credible alternative to the parties of big government.

We fight issues that matter to Hoosiers. In 2005, Hoosier Libertarians came to the defense of eminent domain abuse victims in the Indianapolis Colts’ stadium deal. Our efforts not only rally Libertarian support from small business owners, they move Hoosier policy in a Libertarian direction.

In March of 2006, the Indiana General Assembly passed House Bill 1010 into law – limiting eminent domain abuses in Indiana. Indiana is far ahead of other states in limiting these abuses.

In 2005 and 2006, Hoosier Libertarians lobbied dozens of city and town councils across Indiana to allow property owners to make the decision on smoking on their property, not the government. These efforts included the town of Fishers, who just last month resoundingly defeated a proposed smoking ban that would have shut down many of the small business owners responsible for the town’s economic prosperity.

Most important, we are Hoosiers. Hoosiers committed to creating the best opportunities for economic and social growth in our own communities. We are business owners, educators, attorneys, homemakers, preachers, blue-collar and white-collar workers, parents, students, retirees and community leaders.

We share one vision and one commitment. We believe Libertarian principles make the best public policy and we are dedicated to electing Libertarians who share our beliefs.

We should also take note of the Michigan Libertarian Party, which ran five candidates for various city council seats around the state, and won FOUR of them!

There seems to be a lot to learn here.

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