Monday, November 5, 2007

Why Does Delaware Need Another Political Blog?

Because nobody else writing about state politics from a Libertarian perspective.

Live Free and Prosper!

The New Hampshire state motto—Live Free or Die!—echoes Patrick Henry in the days before the American Revolution. The Vulcan aphorism from Star Trek—Live long and prosper!—promises a more positive outcome. Combine them and you have the essence of a Libertarian philosophy.

Libertarians believe the when our citizens enjoy the maximum possible individual freedom (which generally equates with the least possible governmental interference) that they prosper and America thrives.

Libertarians believe that the aggressive use of coercive force—by individuals, groups, or the government—diminishes us all.

If you want to see the national platform of the Libertarian Party you can visit that website:

But national party platforms don’t have that much to do with state and local politics, and that’s where—to my mind, at least—many Libertarians have gone wrong. Like the Demopublicans, we need to apply our principles to the issues that matter here in Delaware.

That’s what this blog is going to be about.

The objective of Libertarians in Delaware is to defend personal liberty by

• Providing information to the public;
• Championing the cause of open, limited government;
• Reducing the impact of coercive, invasive laws, regulations and policies;
• Electing candidates who most nearly subscribe to the tenets of maximum personal freedom and minimal bureaucratic interference in our everyday lives.

In terms of pithy aphorisms (every cause needs a few), Libertarians in Delaware advocate:

Hands off my Constitution—and my wallet!

Do the public’s business in public!

Trust citizens, not bureaucrats!

Coercion is not good public policy!

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