Monday, November 12, 2007

Why don't they care about politics?

Downstate nobody really knows who Jack Markell is. This came as a shock to me when I read the voter recognition numbers in a poll the other week, because I thought everybody (like him or not) knew who he was.

Downstate everybody may know Carney's name as Lieutenant Governor, but nobody knows a thing about him. And they don't care.

As I wander around the state, nobody except political insiders knows or cares who Levin is, or remembers that Protack keeps running and losing.

When I hear people talk about political apathy in this state I take it with a grain of salt.

When political apathy rules and Democrats hold a substantial majority in registrations, then co-equal apathy means victory at the polls and a lack of accountability in office.

When political apathy rules and the Republican Party is disintegrating on both the state and national levels, then it means the possibility of a prolonged period of one-party rule (and for how much good that does, look at the history of Mexico under PRI).

When political apathy rules, the disenchanted seek individuals and not parties--Ron Paul, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jesse Venture, or Ross Perot--which jolts everyone, but can be outlasted. Political movements don't turn into long-term political parties through campaigns. Political parties hold their bases with what they do between campaigns.

And when political apathy rules, we get midget candidates on both sides of the aisle, so much so that a class act like Matt Denn (and I'm not a Democrat by any means) can disappear into the bland sameness of mediocrity, because everyone assumes that nobody of quality would stand for office any more.

Why don't they care about politics?

You gotta ask?

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Anonymous said...

The beach areas pay more attention to politics, mostly due to a general dissatisfaction with the growth in the area, just pick up any edition of the Cape Gazette and that'll be apparent. Western Sussex county... apathetic. If it's not on WBOC, it's not worth talking about.