Monday, November 5, 2007

Shirley Vandever joins the ranks of those who can spot “Demopublicans”

In a 30 October 2007 post at Delaware Online, NJ Advisory Board member Shirley Vandever responds to Senator Tom Carper’s quip, Speak no evil of a fellow Democrat, with one word: Why?

Vandever continues to point out that in too many ways the major political parties have become, despite their raucous sound-bite interchanges, little more than a gigantic Demopublican monopoly:

The two so-called “dominant” parties, Democrats and Republicans, are becoming increasingly indistinguishable. The backrooms of the party faithful are filled with the same wizened visages that no longer represent their constituents; rather, they act in accordance with the whims of the party leadership. It should not be what is best for the party, rather what is best for the people. Increasingly, the people are starting to recognize this.

Libertarians have known this for a long time. The current political system is more designed to preserve power than to control it. Our legislators and government officials are all too willing to use patronage and tax breaks as a carrot, regulations and punitive laws as a stick, both to keep anyone from noticing just how badly broken the system is.

You can read more of Ms. Vandever’s incisive commentaries on her own blog, Delaware Curmudgeon at

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