Thursday, January 24, 2008

George Orwell-Lakoff admits what we've known all along

Sometimes people say the damnedest things.

Here's an admission I never expected to read from "Progressive" guru George Lakoff in his Thinking Points, A Progressive's Handbook [for] Communicating Our American Values and Vision (pp. 102-103):

Another multifaceted conservative strategic initiative is "tort reform," which has been made to sound like it is just about capping large damage awards and lawyers' fees. It is really a destruction of the civil justice system's capacity to deter corporations from acts that harm the public, since it is the lawyers' fees that permit the system to function. Moreover, if successful, it will also dry up one of the major sources of campaign finance for progressive candidates, which comes from trial lawyers.

You can handle the implications for yourself.

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Duffy said...

That one sentence could do more to get Americans to support tort reform than anything I've ever heard before.