Friday, July 19, 2013

Where Jack Markell gets his ideas

... from President Barack Obama, who has found the only way to cut the world's largest "defense" budget without cutting any weapon systems or deployments ...

He'll just cut the health benefits for active and retired troops, while maintaining them for unionized civilian DoD employees. 

Military personnel would see their annual Tricare premiums increase anywhere from 30 - 78 percent in the first year, followed by sharply increased premiums "ranging from 94 percent to 345 percent—more than 3 times current levels."
"According to congressional assessments, a retired Army colonel with a family currently paying $460 a year for health care will pay $2,048," Gertz wrote.
Active duty military personnel would also see an increased cost for pharmaceuticals, and the incentive to use less expensive generic drugs would be gone.
See? Markell over five years has (a) never proposed a raise for state employees; (b) has trimmed their health care and retirement benefits; and (c) has done so while maintaining tens of millions per annum in welfare for multi-billion-dollar corporations.

No wonder he thinks that Obama might want him in his cabinet.


kavips said...

This problem is compounded by the reality of how much such pensions will cost over their lifetimes. Anyone who looks at the balance sheet sees the need and understands why pressure to relieve ourselves of this cost is so severe.

Part of that is due to human nature. When you have a bill that must be paid, of which you have already gotten its use, verses something you must pay to get current use from, such as having to choose between putting gas in your car versus keeping current on your cable bill, the gas wins out every time.

If you are outraged, particularly when it applies to our veterans, you should be. But it won't happen simply because paying one's obligations is the "right thing to do". It will only happen if the people who hold their election officials accountable demand it.

Where as gay rights gradually grew to be deemed the proper thing to do, so must the overall population be groomed that this is one ef the most important investments we can make, and must come before all others, for without it, we should have no others....

It is sad that the attrition of this 11 year war has made us weary of the "support our troops" meme, but right now is the critical phase, where one sandbags the top of the levee, knowing if even a small current is allowed to pass over, it becomes a gigantic mess to ever put it back together, a mess that will last for generations.

The time for putting the finger in the dike is right now!

kavips said...

Btw, Would you happen to know which grades were on the Common Core curriculium this past school year and which were not? Or was that determined at a district level?