Thursday, September 5, 2013

Breibart with yet another "winner"

The other day I blogged about Breitbart distorting the story about the Longshoremen's union disaffiliating with the AFL-CIO, and the impact that had on the conservative/libertarian blogging world.

The point:  if you want to win hearts and minds to your cause, in the long term an actual respect for truth and factual accuracy are, you know, kind of important.

So here's today's totally off-base and misleading headline from Breibart:

This is referring to the Virginia governor's race between unlikeable candidates Terry McAuliffe (D) and Ken Cuccinelli (R), where Libertarian Robert Sarvis has managed to spend only $40K (compared to their millions) and has garnered 9-10% support in recent polling.

Here's what Breitbart says (possibly parroting the Virginia-Union, but with Breitbart who can tell?):
Two months before the election, Sarvis may be the only man who is not a member of the under-performing Cuccinelli campaign team standing in the way of a possible comeback victory for the Republican. 
Uh, guys, OK Cuccinelli trails McAuliffe by about 7 points in the polls, and, yes, Sarvis is getting about 9%.

But the poll breakdown indicates Sarvis is pulling 5% from Cuccinelli and 4% from McAuliffe.

In other words, well within the margin for error, Sarvis is drawing almost equally from the voter base of both candidates, with only a slight bias toward pulling votes from the Republican.

What's spoiling Ken Cuccinelli's campaign is that he is an idiot running against a crook, and more people would prefer a competent crook in office.

What Robert Sarvis is indicative of is that the voter percentage completely turned off by both parties is now legitimately edging into double digits.

Libertarians have now become the new GOP excuse for losing.

Which I'm good with.

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