Monday, September 9, 2013

Senator Coons: A moron as well as a hypocrite on Syria?

Senator Chris Coons:  available
to repeat even the most inane
talking points without checking.
While I rarely agree with Senator Chris Coons' politics, I always thought he was a pretty smart guy.

That's over.

Here's his quote today as he is one of the few Obama loyalists still stooging for a US strike in Syria:
“I do think we know what the consequences of inaction will be,” Coons said on CNN’s “State of the Union” program. Coons said Assad “will continue to use cluster bombs and scud missiles and chemical weapons to massacre thousands of his own civilians.”
Let me count the ways, Senator, in which repeating White House talking points makes you look like a tool:

1.  "will continue to use cluster bombs"--Uh, Chris?  The US is still using cluster bombs, having refused to sign the convention banning them.  If we were to attack Syria for using cluster bombs, we'd also have to attack Aberdeen Proving Ground, the Dahlgren Surface Naval Weapons Testing Center, and a wide array of US military bases abroad.

2.  "will continue to use ... scud missiles ... to massacre thousands of his own civilians"--Hello, Chris?  The US is currently using drones in Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia that have, you know, massacred thousands, including hundreds of children.  We just put Bradley Manning in prison--in part--for revealing the details of how we do it.

3.  "will continue to use ... chemical weapons"--Hey, Chris!?  In any of those confidential briefings you get has anybody ever reminded you that to this day the US continues research into chemical weapons?  See, we get around the Chemical Warfare Convention by concentrating (so they tell us) on nonlethal weapons that only cause "nausea, disorganized thinking, and hallucinations," and which may well have serious long-term health impacts on the civilians in the areas where we would use them.  Let's also not forget that many researchers have compared the exposure impact of our own depleted uranium munitions (both for our own troops and nearby civilians) to chemical warfare.

Do us all a favor next time and remember that we've already got Joe Biden out embarrassing us on the national stage on a regular basis.

We don't need another uninformed clown urging us into a new war in the Middle East.


Jesse McVay said...

Coons also tried to soothe the ruffled feathers of his outraged constituents by claiming that he would never have signed the original White House request for authorization to go to war. Thanks to him, the authorization as it stands is much more limited. Tell that to John McCain. Tell it to Lindsay Graham. And tell it to the history books when Hezbollah responds with attacks on our Beirut embassy, or Syria fires an anti ship missile at one of our destroyers in the Med, or Iran retaliates against shipping in the Gulf. One of these scenarios or any of hundreds of other possibilities will lead to further escalation, and our government's ultimate goal, war with Iran. How will Sen. Coons explain that?

Unknown said...

Chris is proud to be a tool. That's the Delaware Way.

mynym said...

How will Sen. Coons explain that?

He won't have to. Foreign and multinational factions within the American political system have been trying to plan false flags and covert operations and so on for a long time now.

From the U.S.S Liberty to 911, Americans never do anything about the actions of Israeli factions. Too busy rallying around their latest false flag or turning a blind eye to the intelligence services that tend to serve their oligarchs, despite a few whistle blowers.

So the best we can hope for is another Gwyneth Todd, another Israeli pilot, Jewish whistle blowers or another Edward Snowden, another prickly idealist with a notepad like Sibel Edmonds, etc.

Because a "pet" like Chris Coons is just another corrupt politician.

mynym said...

I should have written, he probably won't have to once something blows up and so forth. Because it's likely that most Americans will be too busy with rallying around the flag to notice that it's another false flag.

Dangerous game, though... all the way around... and it's been held up before.

Like Hillary, I blame Youtube videos. But what are you going to to about the internet? People like their cat videos... and moves to police it result in movements like Anonymous or Edward Snowden striking back and leaving oligarchs worse off and more exposed than ever before.

I guess we'll see how it goes.

Anonymous said...

Chris is still trying to find the phrase "Separation of church and State" in the first Amendment.

John Galt

NCSDad said...

Sadly, yes.