Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Next (Republican) Senator from Massachusetts

Damn, I already really like this Republican candidate for Senator from Massachusetts, State Senator Scott Brown.

“Gurgling” Dave Gergen, empty-suited establishment media gatekeeper, career presidential brown-noser, recent Obamaphile, and otherwise all around elitist jackass, gets put in his place with his hoity-toity attempt at a gotcha question, trying politically to exploit the memory of Senator Ted Kennedy against a Republican.

Shoved very skillfully and understatedly back up Gergen's ass (which to his mind, weighs a ton) is Gergen's typical DC inside-the-beltway elitist premise : that public seats of power belong to the personalities and the politicians who hold them (friends of Gergy, of course) rather than the people.

If the leftists can't read the writing on the wall about the closeness of the race for U.S. Senator from Massachusetts they are in for major shocks with every election ahead.

I am gathering that the left is just plain functionally illiterate or purposefully dismissive about how most Americans now feel (disempowered and disgusted) in relation to government and about the latest greatest government expansion schemes of lefty crusaders.

I can think of no better cosmic justice than filling "Teddy's seat" with a bright, feisty, limited government Republican.

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a most peculiar nature said...

He really is an exciting candidate. I actually contributed to his campaign Monday night, and I know many of my Facebook friends did as well. If I didn't have to pay the bills I would go up there and help with the phone banks.