Monday, January 18, 2010

Two Most Ignorant Fantasy-Based Comments of the Week

(And the week has barely just begun.)

"As long as I have served ... I've never seen, as my uncle once said, the constitution stood on its head as they've done. This is the first time every single solitary decisions has required 60 senators. No democracy has survived needing a supermajority." - VP Joe Biden

I guess our "constitutional professor" VPOTUS forgets all those supermajorities that, for example, impede tooling with the very document that makes us a constitutional republic and not a democracy based on pure majoritarian tyranny.

Clue : Not all majorities have to be just 50% + 1 to be valid and desirable in a careful system of laws, checks, and balances - especially as the stakes get higher and the impact broader and deeper on the most numbers of citizens, especially if ALL citizens.

UPDATE : Some follow-up idiocy to Biden's comment comes from the American Prospect (subtitled, oxymoronically, "Liberal Intelligence").

"It would be nice if the executive branch, at least in the form of Biden, made clear their willingness to eliminate the filibuster in order to pressure Harry Reid et. al. to clean up their own mess."

I truly get the feeling these people just make it up as they go, no matter what aberrations or fabrications their mania requires in order that they have their way.

This writer clearly has no understanding of the notion of separation of powers, much less the basic prerogatives flowing therefrom, by which the legislative branch governs its own internal, especially procedural, affairs.

But hell, why not? If the Congress ever faces another presidential veto, perhaps they should just make clear their willingness to eliminate it in "pre-signing" statements perhaps.

Of course this is mild by comparison to the Democrat leftists' mind-boggling insertion of language in health care legislation that attempts to make parts of it, once passed, un-repealable.

The point is: where does it end with these people? How much singularity of power must these statists people have concentrated in their grubby hands before they are sated? How many political, historical, and constitutional protections must they destroy to achieve their all-powerful national government as little more than a majoritarian cosa nostra run by elitist electoral lifers?

That the nation is plagued by Machiavellians of such unhinged, untethered hubris, consumed to delusion that their ends justify any means, shows how far the leftists will go to defile and destroy anything that stands in the way of their will to power...even our basic understandings of self-governance and constitutional checks and balances.

"The Obama administration’s troubles are the result not of excessive ambition, but of policy and political misjudgments. The stimulus was too small; policy toward the banks wasn’t tough enough; and Mr. Obama didn’t do what Ronald Reagan, who also faced a poor economy early in his administration, did — namely, shelter himself from criticism with a narrative that placed the blame on previous administrations....And politics should be about more than winning elections. Even if health care reform loses Democrats’ votes (which is questionable), it’s the right thing to do." - Bearded New-York-Times-based leftist Keynesian Democrat economist shill. (If you can't guess who, stop reading because you are a moron.)

Biden's worried about democracy while Krugman prances through delusional ga-ga land where not even elections matter if your lust to rule the masses is for their own 'good'.......errr, the "right thing to do".

We'll see how far this attitude and its attendant force take the Krugmans of the world against citizen-voters motivated not by idol worship and cultish programmatic brainwashing, but instead by informed, intense, and intrinsic opposition to everything Krugman and his ilk would impose on us and, more importantly, how they would impose it : by force of their will, exercised in corruption of the seats of public power.

We're going to need to find a much stronger term than delusional megalomania to accurately describe the character on display above.

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