Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thank You, Democrats!

Ahhh, so many people to thank this morning, on this sunny one-year anniversary of the coronation of Him.

Where to begin. Of course, Him Himself - Barack. And then there's Harry, Nancy, Joe, Barney....heck, too many to name here.....THANKS(!) to every one of you rabid ideological 20%ers who are leading the Democrat party and its denizens of national statism into defeat after ignominious defeat.

Your arrogance, tone-deafness, self-righteousness, smug paternalism, and smoldering megalomania are paying off in droves for the country with every race the voters have a chance to weigh in.

My advice to you: FORGE AHEAD! (The cliff awaits.)

By all means, force feed the country more of your grandiose schemes to save us all from all those millions and millions of silly misguided fools clinging to their constitution and their quaint out-dated notions that America is the "Great Republic", as President Kennedy once called it, rather than a test tube for the dictatorship of liberal dogma and hubris.

See how well that keeps working for you. Don't listen to those treacherous unenlightened DINOs like Lanny Davis who think we should "Blame the Left for Massachusetts".

Davis asks: "The question is, will we stop listening to the strident, purist base of our party who seem to prefer defeat to winning elections and no change at all if they don't get all the change they want."

I think we all know the answer to such a silly question...

Congratulations Massachusetts Republican Senator-Elect Scott Brown!

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h. said...

The real hero is David Gergen for lobbing that softball to Sen.Brown.