Monday, January 4, 2010

Welcome Back, Dana Garrett!

Well, once again we have an example of how blogging, once it gets into your system, appears nearly impossible to put down...for very long.

There are certainly examples of local bloggers who (at times, comically) bid adieu forever to their blogging, only to return within months if not weeks.

I am glad to see Dana Garrett has returned to the scene, with Delaware Watch back in force.

Now if we can just eventually get my erstwhile blog-colleague Steve Newton to reconsider his moratorium on blogging, things might actually get interesting again in the Delaware blogosphere.

Admittedly it has become quite two-dimensional and rote lately...and certainly I can't claim doing anything to remedy that. Such feats require the heavyweights...

Welcome back, Dana!


kavips said...

Join us.

Tyler Nixon said...

Yes, yes's like a zombie cult. Once you've tasted brains, you can never again resist!