Thursday, December 27, 2012

22 dead school children is a massacre; 16 dead Yemenis is merely collateral damage ...

The US allowed Yemeni government stories that American officials KNEW were false to stand for nearly FOUR MONTHS before finally admitting that our drones had killed 16 Yemenis with no known connection to Al Qaeda.

This is a primary example of two things:

1) Despite any and all rhetoric to the contrary the lives of human beings who don't happen to be Americans are not really important.

2) It is apparently moral [or at least legal] for the Obama administration to engage in killing civilians in another country with which we are not at war, in support of a repressive government, and then to lie about it by omission.

Jeane Kirkpatrick would be pleased that the current President is such a devoted follower of the Reagan doctrine.


kavips said...

Thank your for equating these two... you are correct, they are absolutely the same.

Scott Gesty said...

Great post Steve.

delacrat said...


Point this out to
Cult Obomba on their gun control debate.

You'll be banned for it, like DV, anonone and your's truly. But hey, The First Amendment... use it or lose it.

Steven H. Newton said...


I have done so. They have not banned me yet.