Wednesday, December 5, 2012

City of Newark plans to make possession of felt-tip markers by minors a crime

From Tom on the LPD bulletin board:

Once again Newark City Council is attempting at pass yet another bill
discriminating against all property owners, especially Renters and

this bill, designated "Bill 12-32" was tabled in September thanks to
the timely intervention of Campaign For Liberty, but City Council
has decided to bring it back and try to sneak it through during UD's
exam week.

The Final Reading and Vote will take place on Monday Dec 10th shortly
after 7pm in the Newark Municipal Building at 220 Elkton Road.

Even if you live outside Newark please come to the meeting. The more
people in the Council Chamber opposing it the better.

This bill (
is so egregious that I barely know where to start describing it. It
is just as unconstitutional now as it was in September, despite some
cosmetic amendments and the addition of some empty rhetoric about
constitutional protections to appease us.

- it authorizes city inspectors to invade your home to search for Code
violations, and threatens tenants with fines and/or jail time if they
refuse to "consent".

- it bans spray paint, broad-tip markers, and numerous other items w/
hundreds of non-criminal uses as "graffiti tools"

- it punishes the victims of graffiti by fining them, and charging them
150% of the cost for city workers to remove the graffiti if the owner
does not clean it up quickly enough. if the owner cannot pay the fines
in 20 days a lien will be placed on their property and they will be
sentenced to a minimum of 30 hours of forced labor of a type that the
police department deems likely to "have the most rehabilitative effect"

- and much more.


tom said...

More detail about this is available at

Delaware Watch said...

No government is better government than local government, right Libertarians?

Anonymous said...

At least you can move out of Newark.

tom said...

As an anarchist, I obviously consider no government superior to government, local or otherwise.

but that's probably not what you meant.

tom said...

And here is why libertarians prefer local, decentralized government.

(imagine what it would've taken to stop the General Assembly or Congress from enacting something like this...)

" West New Castle County,

I want to personally congratulate all of you for what you've accomplished.

We just received news that Newark Bill 12-32 has been tabled....AGAIN. The City Secretary confirmed it, as well.

Apparently, they're running from the pressure of public outcry.

And I'm sure the SPECIAL REPORT expose on our website prodded them just a bit.

At the end of the day, it shows that we are being effective. Next time, we're going to DOUBLE DOWN and demand a ROLL CALL VOTE.

No more tabling of bills. No more politicians hiding behind procedural moves.


Rest up. Get some things done at home. We'll need the time and energy when they drag this beast back out again.

But don't forget that there's plenty we can do from home in the meantime.

Please visit and sign up for OPERATION WATCHDOG, so we can expand our reach and achieve more victories in other towns.

Forward this email and "Like" our page on Facebook, so we can recruit friends and family to share in the fun.

The campaign for our liberties continues. Enjoy the weekend.

For Liberty,

Eric R. Boye
State Coordinator
Delaware Campaign for Liberty"