Tuesday, December 18, 2012

... but the deaths of 64 Pakistani children by US drones are just us "mowing the grass"...

This. Must. Stop. Now.

Only who is paying attention?

The Obama administration still refuses to confirm or deny analysis that suggests that during its first three years in office drone strikes in Pakistan killed between 297-569 civilians, of whom at least 69 were children.

One administration adviser likens the process to mowing the grass:
"You've got to mow the lawn all the time. The minute you stop mowing, the grass is going to grow back."
The Guardian makes the point that child murder is child murder is child murder: 

The wider effects on the children of the region have been devastating. Many have been withdrawn from school because of fears that large gatherings of any kind are being targeted. There have been several strikes on schools since Bush launched the drone programme that Obama has expanded so enthusiastically: one of Bush's blunders killed 69 children.
The study reports that children scream in terror when they hear the sound of a drone. A local psychologist says that their fear and the horrors they witness is causing permanent mental scarring. Children wounded in drone attacks told the researchers that they are too traumatised to go back to school and have abandoned hopes of the careers they might have had. Their dreams as well as their bodies have been broken.
 I could make it simpler:

Don't you dare forget that 69 Pakistani children are dead because we do nothing to stop the slaughter.


delacrat said...


Thanks for posting this.

The Obomba's murders of 64 Pakistani children and his murder of 16 year old American citizen Abdulrahman Al-Awlaki combined with his tears for Sandy Hook Elementary make for an obscene irony.

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A fuller examination.