Thursday, December 27, 2012

Guest post by a Democrat gun-owner

A respected military veteran (and long-time friend of mine) Colonel Hank Foresman talks about what has to happen next in gun rights debates:

I am not a libertarian; nor am I conservative or liberal; in fact I guess I am a moderate whose views are shaped by the ideologies of libertarianism, conservatism, and liberalism.
Today I find myself torn between the three competing ideologies that influence me on the question of gun ownership and regulation.  As a libertarian the notion that the government should infringe upon the rights of individuals enshrined in the constitution is abhorrent; as a Burkean conservative I understand that at times the rights of individuals must be tempered in order to provide for the commonweal of the larger community; and as a liberal I believe that the government has a role in regulating the lives of the people for the betterment of society.
I find myself torn over the question of gun ownership.  I do not know what the right answer is?  But what I do know it is a discussion that I and other responsible gun owners along with every citizen in the nation must have.  We must be willing to listen to those with other views, but they also must listen to our views.  This is a discussion that must be based on fact not emotion, it must rational and without rancor, for each sides view must ultimately shape the answer. 
If this is not handled properly, if like the healthcare debate, the elites ram down a solution on the masses of law abiding gun owners I fear mass civil disobedience and possible revolution; if nothing else there will be wedge firmly driven between the educated east and west coast elites and the great mass who view themselves as the common man.  As a gun owning Democrat I generally reject the view of those who believe the Democratic Party wishes to confiscate guns, but given the rhetoric of the last week I am not so sure.
While the left can be accused of a tin ear when it comes to theSecond Amendment and what the common man wants; it can be said that the National Rifle Association, Gun Owners of American etc that they live in a fantasy world.  Proposals such as arming teachers and putting police in every school are bound to be dead upon arrival in the minds of parents those attending public school.  There are many Americas who believe the NRA and Gun Owners of America are nothing more than shills for the gun industry and should be considered terrorists organizations.  On the first count they are guilty as charged; on the second count it is a fanciful charge.
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well i would like to say that every Gun owner should know his responsibility, and also know the rules and regulations regarding guns.