Friday, November 8, 2013

Been away so long ...

Yeah, I know.  The difficulty with lone-wolf blogging is life and energy.

Real life spent the last six weeks intruding, and--to be brutally honest--creative energy went into working on two book contracts I'm behind on, not slapping down material at a keyboard for free to an indeterminately smallish audience.

But I do miss it, so we pick it up again.

This is, of course, NOT THE WAY TO DO IT if you are concerned about building an audience.  My friends of Delawareliberal and even my friendly enemy Eric Dondero at Libertarian Republican understand this quite well.  I understand it.  I just don't place the blog at that high a priority level in my life right now.

But it is there and will continue, if sometimes sporadically.  Your best bet is simply to follow the blog so you get notified when I do write something.

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