Thursday, November 14, 2013

Health care exchanges will get fixed because insurance companies are losing money

Highmark is whining:

In Pennsylvania, Highmark has seen an enrollment of 1,665, while enrollment in West Virginia was 198 and enrollment in Delaware was 126. Enrollment data was of those who have been loaded into Highmark’s system as of Tuesday.
Highmark is the only insurer on the marketplace in West Virginia, and the company said “in almost all situations in all of our markets, we offer the lowest priced health plans on the marketplace.”
Highmark described the need as “urgent” to improve how the federal marketplace works.
See, if it was really all about providing health insurance to either the indigent or those whose policies President Obama canceled, we'd be in trouble.  But since it's about gigantic corporate profits from sending Highmark, Aetna, and Coventry your tax dollars ...

Expect a fix real soon.

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