Monday, January 13, 2014

The Delaware GOP: because there's nothing we wouldn't criminalize

Rep. Steve Smyk (R-Police State), along with several co-sponsors including (unhappily but not surprisingly) my own Rep. Joe Miro, wants to make it illegal to have a secret compartment in your car.

So, if you have such a compartment in your car that you use to hide extra cash, or documents that need to be secured, or whatever the hell you want, just the existence of that compartment will be enough to allow Delaware law enforcement to charge you with a crime even if they find nothing illegal being transported in it.

In exactly what world does this piece of legislation represent the interests of anybody except frustrated State Troopers?


Anonymous said...

meagigen How about if you didn't know you had a secret compartment? How much trouble am I in then? :)

I've been driving my car for 2+ years now, and I am still finding out "stuff" it has that I didn't care about or didn't use or know it was there. Seriously, all it takes is one of my kids visiting from college or whatever to point out..."hey mom, why don't you use.....or I am putting this in the xxxxxx of the back seat....." Heck, I just get in the car and drive--now I could possibly face being at risk for what? Being naive, law-abiding, harboring secret compartments? Isn't that what the dogs are for? Holy Smokes, at least look at my oil change sticker, and arrest me for being overdue on that!

Mike W. said...

Not only what the above commenter noted, but also how does this work for people who own cars that came from the factory with "hidden compartments?"

IIRC Several models of popular trucks have compartments built into the running boards and other areas that would be illegal under such a law.

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