Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Terrorists attack Wilmington; Delaware Homeland Security records license plates

This would be funny if it wasn't actually happening.

Here's the paragraph from the WNJ wrap-up of big stories of 2013:
Throughout the year, the city’s residents heard shots fired over drugs or casual slights that community leaders knew never should have led to violence. There were 154 shootings leading to injury or death in Wilmington during the year, a dramatic increase from the prior year’s 96. Overall, the statistics show Wilmington to be, on a per-capita basis, a much more dangerous place than Philadelphia, Baltimore, or nearly every other large American city.
Make no mistake about it, this is a terrorist attack in slow motion, and many of the victims were children.

And while people of good intentions can argue over the proper policing strategies to reduce violence in Wilmington and what they will cost, one thing is clear:

The Delaware Department of Public Safety and Homeland Security is an abject failure.

I've documented here, here, and here that Delaware is spending millions each year (how much is difficult to tell because the Delaware Information Analysis Center [DIAC] is not a separate budget line item) on recording license plates of random drivers on our State highways, sharing information with Federal agencies like the Department of Agriculture, or even equipping a new Maritime Unit to respond to potential terrorist attacks in the state, while basically ignoring the ongoing assault by homegrown urban terrorists on the citizens of Wilmington.

Oh, the DSP brags about the good that its intelligence unit is doing:
During 2011 the section’s investigators worked with investigators and officers in the field, both inside and outside of DSP, to identify members of organized gangs operating in Delaware. Investigators were able to verify the existence of eighty groups classified as "street gangs" with various sets and cliques containing approximately 1,000 identified members. The section also maintained the Delaware Statewide Intelligence System as a 28 CFR Part 23 compliant intelligence database available for the entire state. The section conducted ten proactive gang enforcement operations during the year that focused on geographic areas with a documented gang presence throughout the state.
OK, people, if the Intelligence Unit is doing such a bang-up job of gang identification and conducting "gang enforcement operations . . . throughout the state," then maybe you'd like to explain that success in regard to the Wilmington shooting rate going from 96 to 154 in a single year.

What were you guys doing?  All out on the Maritime Unit looking for Al Qaeda suicide frogmen aching to attack the Port of Wilmington?

We know that there is vast computing power lodged there at 1575 McKee Road in Dover, so why isn't anyone demanding it be used for some high-tech predictive work for the city of Wilmington's violence problems?

I'll explain it to you.  Either (a) urban violence is not terrorism to either the people in the DIAC or the people who fund them; (b) they've tried and failed miserably; or (c) "homeland security" has become such a sacrosanct, off-the-books cash cow in Delaware (where we have so many retired DSP members in the GA) that you don't question it--you just fund it.

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