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A truly disgusting story about the police state America is becoming

Warning: Don't read unless you're willing to become ... very angry.

From Classically Liberal:

Apparently the Galveston police got a phone call that some white prostitutes were seen on a certain street corner. The cops love to shakedown prostitutes, prostitutes tend not to shoot back and sometimes the cops get free blow jobs to conveniently forget to finish the arrest.

Of course, the bozos in uniform went to the wrong street.

Meanwhile a peaceful family was preparing things for the kids to head to school the next morning. The circuit breaker went out and Emily Milburn asked her 12-year-old daughter to go outside and switch it back on. Dymond Milburn did as her mother requested.

But as she got outside a dark van pulled up and three men jumped out and grabbed the girl. They started pulling toward the van saying: “You’re a prostitute. You’re coming with me.”

The terrified child began screaming for her father and trying to fight back. So the men, far bigger than her, covered her mouth and started beating her in the face and in the throat to shut her up.

The police were a couple of blocks away from the address reported to them. But they have justified their attack on this child saying that she looked like a prostitute because they thought her shorts were too tight. Hey, if the cops can’t tell cap guns from real guns then I can see why the same idiots can’t tell the difference between a 12-year-old black girl and a full grown white prostitute. And, of course, the same developmentally challenged officers can’t tell the differences between the various streets in town either.

The girl was hospitalized due to the injuries she suffered at the hands of these violent cops protecting decent Americans from orgasms for cash. But the boys in blue weren’t finished. Apparently, because the family is upset about the violent, thuggish behavior of these cops, it was decided they need to be taught a lesson.

So when Dymond was released from hospital and back in school the police showed up once again -- this time at the school and arrested her. She was charged with assaulting a “public servant”. Personally, I am sorry Dymond wasn’t able to shoot the bastards. It is astounding that the morons in blue didn’t realize that a terrified child will fight back when strange men grab the child in the dark.

In fact, these idiots go around teaching children to fight back if some strange man tries to grab them off the street. This is standard procedure.

An attorney for the police officers says that the police arrest the girl for fighting back and that they also arrested the father of the girl for trying protect his daughter from the kidnappers -- of course, when the police illegally kidnap someone they don’t see it as a crime. They are superior to the law -- just watch how they drive if you don’t believe me.

The attorney says: “The city investigated the matter and found that the conduct of the police officers was appropriate under the circumstances.”


Brian Miller said…
Hey, you're harming the ability of the police to protect us, by doing criminal things to us!
George Donnelly said…
This is really outrageous.

If you're the dad and you have invested time in preparing to defend yourself and your family, those cops are dead dead dead.

And then what?

If you kill a cop but you don't know he's a cop AND he is attacking you, your family and/or your property with significant force, where does that leave you, the law-abiding citizen who is just protecting his own with symmetrical force - when the justice system will always side with their own?

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