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Don't write in Ron Paul--buy him! Ron Paul and Norfed coins to support Libertarian US House candidate Scott Gesty

From the Gesty for Congress campaign:
Hello All:
I am happy to announce my 3rd and possibly final Fund Raiser for the 2012 campaign. This one is called : Gesty for Congress, Return to Sound Money Fund Raiser. This one should appeal to all those liberty minded individuals who believe that:

•As written in the Constitution, only Gold and Silver will only be legal tender 
•Commodity backed money is a tool to constrain an ever proliferating federal government 
•The Federal Reserve's interest rate manipulation and debasement of our currency is immoral and hurts savers and people on fixed incomes 
I once again will tap into my personal collection to show my appreciation for your support of my campaign. This is how it will work: 
•Any donation of $25 will receive a Ron Paul Commemorative Copper Coin  
•Any donation of $50 will receive the Ron Paul Coin AND an Authentic Copper NORFED Liberty Dollar! 
You can learn more about NORFED Liberty Dollars here:
These coins are collectables only. They are not real money and can't even be used for barter.
And what is different about this fund raiser is, the more you contribute, the more coins you get! For every donation above $50, increased in $25 increments, will get another coin. So for example: 
•A donation of $75 will get two Ron Paul Coins and one Liberty Dollar
•A donation of $100 will get two Ron Paul Coins and two Liberty Dollars
•A donation of $200 will get four Ron Paul Coins and four Liberty Dollars
I'm capping this at a donation of $250 which would give you 5 of each coin, for a total of 10 Coins.
And here is the Grand Finale if you will,,, If you Contribute $500 or more to my campaign, you will receive a rare Ron Paul Silver NORFED Liberty Dollar! These were minted and released just before NORFED was shut down by the federal government. I only have two of these in my possession. When they are gone, they are gone.  
All these coins are encased in an air-tight plastic container and have not been touched by human hands (at least not mine anyway). The Ron Paul Copper and Silver coins are in brilliant uncirculated condition. The picture does not do them justice. 
The NORFED Copper coins aren't as pretty due to their original composition and were probably exposed to air by the previous owner. But still, there won't be any more of these made, so they are nice for someone who either collects coins or just wants to hold a small piece of history.  
The goal of this promotion is to raise enough money, along with what we have done in the past, to pay for campaign literature, campaign apparel for volunteers and a radio ad that will broadcast on a local radio station the week up to election day. So I encourage those who wish to support my campaign to take advantage of this fund raiser. This one will end Friday October 12th at 11:59pm. This will give me enough time to assess what funds we have and put it to work in time for it to have the biggest impact on November 6th. 
To donate, visit my website: to use Paypal or checks can be sent to me; Scott Gesty, 1609 Windybush Rd, Wilmington DE, 19810. If you have any questions, please send me a message. If I think your question will help the masses, I'll update this thread. 
For those who have already and continue to support me and my campaign, Thank You! I'll never be able to adequately express my appreciation for all you've done. For the new comers, here's your opportunity to help me show the two party douoploy that we are out there, we are legitimate, and we are NOT going away!  
In Liberty,


Anonymous said…
"They are not real money and can't even be used for barter."

How exactly are they going to prevent that?
tom said…
simple answer: they can't -- unless the person you barter with gets a serious case of buyers remorse, or is evil.

look up "Bernard von NotHaus", "Liberty Dollar" & "NORFED"

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