Friday, June 12, 2009

Blooms ... roses ... ?

From Delawareliberal:

WTF? Obama Defends DOMA Like a Right-Wing Nutjob

David Anderson must be loving Obama today (in a totally hetero way). Obama has betrayed same sex rights with his defense of DOMA in court. Obama didn’t need to defend DOMA. He also didn’t need to invoke incest and child marriage in the argument. Read the link. There is some left-wing anger headed Obama’s way now.

From Delaware Way:

Can't we make them listen to Elizabeth Warren?

From C&L ~ (NYT on Banks returning Bailout $$)
...We lend them the money and then let them pay it back - before we've fixed the problems that lead to the crash in the first place? And it won't do much for consumers, since half of them are investment banks.
Elizabeth Warren is skeptical, and wants to hear the terms of repayment. She also warns that the stress tests were not as strong as they should have been.

From Down With Absolutes:

Obama’s turning out to be a bigger war-mongering hawk who could stack up against any of the Bush GOPers any day. I am so sick of hearing right-wingers say that Obama is bowing down to the hard-leftists in this country. It’s shit like Obama defending DOMA and shit LIKE THIS that makes me think we were sold a bill of good by nothing more than the biggest scam artist of the 21st Century (well, besides Bernie Madoff).

Screw you, Mr. President. Unless you do some 180s on some very important issues within the next few months, you will most definitely NOT be getting my vote in 2012.

Not drawing any massive conclusions--just amused at the juxtaposition. This is about the time in any new administration when the new starts to wear off.

For the record:

1) President Obama has always de facto supported DOMA, specifically by refusing to keep the Prop 8 loonies in California (who included a large number of African-American voters he was courting) from using a video clip to portray him as supporting them. Nor has he actually done a damn thing on DADT....

2) President Obama's financial team (a junior auto czar who hasn't quite graduated from law school? a new GM CEO who knows nothing about cars? Tim "I can't figure out the tax code but I can buy and sell banks" Geitner?) has never been composed of geniuses, and you can't spend money without accountability forever....

3) President Obama's foreign policy has combined the worst aspects of the Bushco military adventurism with just as great a deference to the defense industry lobbyists and has pretty much managed to alienate Israel....

Change. That. You. Can. Believe. In.


LiberalGeek said...

One could also say that we are less inclined to blindly support a President that we mostly agree with, unlike many, many Bush supporters. It also puts a hole in the term Obamaton and a bunch of others floating around out there.

and here was my first disagreement post:

Anonymous said...

If The One says gay marriage is bad,it must be so. Repeat. If The One says gay marriage is bad, it must be so. Repeat.