Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Brian Shields SCCORs

Jaunt over to The Mourning Constitution for a first-hand report by Brian on his visit to the latest SCCOR meeting. He breaks it down pretty thoroughly and the whole piece deserves your attention.

Here are the money quotes:

The SCCOR is nowhere near as radical and evil as our friends at Delaware Liberal has made them out to be. They have some crazy ideas that I admit are out there....

Aside from the odd quirk, the SCCOR is, on the surface, exactly as it says it is. It is a political grassroots group who believes that the people are the real power in politics, and are trying to motivate more political involvement. Their views are damn near as Republican as the Republican Party used to be before the crazies took over, and naturally they have a strong GOP contingient.

Thanks, Brian.

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Brian Shields said...

The real fun was sitting between Wendy and Valerie passing notes. Those two can be quite entertaining at a political function.