Tuesday, June 2, 2009

News flash: SCCOR is composed of protestant zealots....

... who appear to have anti-Catholic and even anti-Semitic feelings to go along with their anti-abortion and anti-gay rights agenda.

I'm not sure who was surprised by this--except maybe Bill Colley.

But then, that makes SCCOR similar to groups like the Nation of Islam, doesn't it?

What it doesn't make those folks, however, is violent.

Everybody in certain circles of the Delaware blogosphere seems to have forgotten Voltaire.

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Nancy Willing said...

You are correct. No one should be surprised that when Bill Coley requested that they didn't pray 'their way' the told him to take a hike if he didn't like it.

It's what it is. Southern DE and it has nothing to do with anything violent or otherwise insane.