Monday, March 18, 2013

Gee? Who would have seen a sudden spike in domestic drone sales coming?

You gotta wonder:
“The sky’s going to be dark with these things,” said Chris Anderson, the former editor of Wired, who started the hobbyist Web site DIY Drones and now runs a company, 3D Robotics, that sells unmanned aerial vehicles and equipment. He says it is selling about as many drones every calendar quarter — about 7,500 — as the United States military flies in total.
And, guess what?

Senator Patrick Leahy just figured out that domestic drones could be a problem:
Senator Patrick Leahy, the Vermont Democrat who is chairman of the committee, said this year: “This fast-emerging technology is cheap and could pose a significant threat to the privacy and civil liberties of millions of Americans. It is another example of a fast-changing policy area on which we need to focus to make sure that modern technology is not used to erode Americans’ right to privacy.” 
I'm super impressed.  That only puts Pat about what--five, six years behind the curve?

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