Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Slippery slopes? Nah, it's that damn paranoid Libertarian imagination

Because nobody is going to ever use de facto gun registration information to confiscate weapons>

Of course not:
In 2011, the ATF issued a memo that declared that it is illegal for anyone with a medical-marijuana card to possess a gun or ammunition.


Duffy said...

and Cyprus is learning what the government can do once they've disarmed you.

Mike W. said...

Of course many gun control advocates know very well that we've been right all along about registration leading to and enabling confiscations. Nothing paranoid about being right.

Doesn't matter that we're right in their minds. Guns are the problem. "Less guns" is the solution and so confiscation is a good thing.

tom said...

Exactly where is the "Gun Crime" problem that Gov. Markell and his co-conspirators claim they want to protect us from?

According to the Criminal Justice Council’s Statistical Analysis Center (a Delaware’s Executive Department agency that reports to the Markell Administration), the annual average number of arrests for all firearm offenses combined, over the two most recent two years for which complete data is available (2010 & 2011) was 2426. Less than 1 in 8 of these arrests (311) resulted in convictions far the original charge or a lesser offense.

According to the 2010 Census, Delaware's population is about 917,000.

That is an annual rate of gun crimes of 0.03% of the population (or 33.9 per 100,000 population if you prefer the way the FBI reports crime rates).

And the scariest part of all of this is that the majority of this tiny number of arrests and convictions probably were complete bullshit.