Monday, March 18, 2013

I would have bet money I'd never have agreed with the government of Pakistan on much of anything ...

... but I would have lost: 

Officials have revealed that Islamabad has insisted that increased reliance on drone strikes for combat operations may cause serious harm to global peace and stability.
When the head of the United Nations team investigating civilian impact of drone use travelled to Pakistan last week, Ben Emmerson was not only conveyed Islamabad’s strong opposition but was also told that the use of pilotless aircraft must be discouraged.
A senior foreign ministry official told The Express Tribune that Islamabad was making all efforts to develop consensus at the UN against the unilateral drone use for counter-terrorism operations in any country.
“The drone technology is now very common and if its unilateral use is not discouraged, it will set a dangerous precedent,” said the official requesting anonymity. The official was part of Pakistan’s team which had briefed Emmerson on the implications of the continued US drone attacks in the tribal areas of the country.

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