Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It's not good news, but it is Libertarian news

Will McVay arrested on weapon and drug charges.

I'm not going to comment further till I know more, but I think everybody should remember that--as with Tyler Nixon's case--things are not always what they seem to be at first blush.

That said, anybody who wants to take their free shot in the comments section, have at it.


Duffy said...

I don't remember seeing the outcome to the Tyler Nixon thing. Do you have a link somewhere?

Anonymous said...

Marijuana, ecstasy, guns, large amounts of cash found. All while under probation. Right, let's not draw any conclusions yet. Are you serious?

Anonymous said...

Is there a limit on how much cash you can have if you are on probation? Of course not drugs, but money? Not sure on the guns if legally owned if you are now on probation.

Thomas L. Knapp said...

Sounds like his mistake was in assuming that agents of the state are normal criminals like muggers or rapists, who will take their pound of flesh and then go away and leave their victims alone.

In accepting a plea bargain that included probation, he gave the evil-doers carte blanche to pretty much barge in on him anywhere and any time they like, and apparently their agenda had a "fuck with this guy" line penciled in.

Not that I blame him for accepting the plea bargain, of course. Blaming the victim is never warranted.

NosyNeighbor said...

He had to know that while on probation he would be subject to at least one home visit! This is just plain stupidity on his part for not removing the guns and pot!

That being said, when my fiance was on probation years ago for a DUI and they came to our house to search it (twice) they didn't really "search" anything. They just walked in, looked around, went upstairs to see where he slept (yes, they needed to see where he slept! LOL) asked me if I had any weapons (when I said no they then asked if I had any ammunition in the house - really?) and then they left. It seems like they wanted to find something in Mr. McVey's home - why would they make him open his safe? That's just strange.