Tuesday, May 21, 2013

53 Delaware children didn't get health insurance so the State Police could pretend to buy back guns

That's right:  the General Assembly appropriated $200K last year for a gun "buyback" that never happened.

Instead, the Delaware State Police used the money for "unexpected" lease costs for one of its buildings.

This year, by a 7-5 majority, the Joint Finance Committee appropriated another $200 K for a gun "buyback" in FY 2014.

Don't hold your breath.

As the Controller General's office observed, actual gun "buybacks" tend to include a significant percentage of
broken and unusable guns.
So, odds are, what will happen again this year is that the DSP will pick up another $200 K for a slush fund.

At $3,739 annual premium cost, that's 53 poor children in Delaware who could have had health insurance both this year and last.

It's time to quit pretending that that the Delaware budgetary process has any real priorities, and admit that what's happening in Dover is purely carving up the pork.

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kavips said...

could you help a brother out...
Where did you find or did you quantitate that $3739 number?