Thursday, May 23, 2013

First, the Mayor, now the Fire Chief--but not you: more Wilmington hypocrisy

I particularly love the reason why the Wilmington Fire Chief needs to carry a firearm:

Wilmington Fire Chief Anthony Goode has been carrying a department-issued firearm for about a month, saying with increased code enforcement duties he and the mayor’s staff thought it would be a wise move. 
“Firefighters are always in dangerous situations. You never know what you’re going to be walking into,” said Goode, who was appointed fire chief by Mayor Dennis P. Williams in January.
The fact that much the same could be said for many city residents in high crime, high violence areas is an irony apparently lost on city officials and Delaware legislators.


kavips said...

Truth is he closed down a gang hideout and through listening in, we became aware that viable threats were passed around those members about exactly how he would pay for it with his life....

Of course one can't print that in the paper.

tom said...

Irrelevant. According to those hypocrites in Wilmington's government, the average law-abiding citizen should be forced to depend upon the police to protect them from threats of violence.

If the Police can not provide adequate protection for the Mayor or Fire Chief, they certainly are not going to do the average citizen any good.

What happened to equal protection of the laws?

NCSDad said...

London : 20+ minutes to respond to a vehicular homicide, followed by public beheading.