Monday, May 6, 2013

Why Democrats stay in power in Delaware (at least partly)

To some extent this post piggy-backs on the one at Delawareliberal about why "moderate" Republican Cathy Cloutier manages to hold her Senate seat in a heavily Democrat district.  Basically, the conclusion is that she pays attention to her constituents--as one commenter said, she has "a ground game."

Let's extend that point, and ask why Republicans in Delaware struggle just to stay in the debate.

Last week, as noted in posts below, I started contacting DE Representatives in an attempt to influence their votes on SB 51.  The emails I sent were all polite and to the point.  I sent the messages to six Democrats and four Republicans (based on membership in a key committee and people I thought might be interested/responsive).

To date, five of the six Democrats have responded, and none of the Republicans-including my own representative.

In one sense I don't care if I had gotten the polite brush-off email--at least it would have indicated a minimal amount of attention being paid to these concerns.

From the Dems I received actual replies from the Reps, several of which contained requests for more information or suggestions of other Reps to contact.

From the Republicans ...


There is something besides ideology that keeps people in power.


kavips said...


Republicans worship money. People are trash to them. Democrats worship people. Money is trash to them.

JackJ said...

Both sides only worship votes

Hube said...

Democrats worship people. Money is trash to them.

Precisely. That's why they waste so fucking much of it -- OUR money!

kavips said...

You know? I think there is some wisdom there.

Delaware Watch said...

Well, there is also the fact that the wingnuts have taken control of the GOP in Delaware. They actually turned down Castle, a certain win for Senate, for an ignorant right-wing clown. Look at the sheriff in Sussex. The moderates have been eclipsed by the crazies. The general voting public in DE, although not acutely politically sophisticated, are not the total rubes required to return the Republicans to power, not most of the current political GOP candidates.

Hube said...

They actually turned down Castle, a certain win for Senate, for an ignorant right-wing clown.

Indeed. Something that still never ceases to flummox me. :-P

tom said...

It certainly doesn't help that they tend to run crazy people and/or 2nd string unknowns for major office.

But more importantly, the GOP in general is so hopelessly mired in 17th century Puritan social mores that many of the demographics that ought to strongly support them are literally afraid to vote Republican.