Thursday, May 23, 2013

More budget goodness: computers for state testing, but screw employees and kids

Today Governor Markell made it official:  once again he is not seeking a raise for state employees (to go along with not seeking to do anything meaningful about child poverty, either).
“I very much appreciate our state employees since it is their extra effort that has continued state government services the last few years while we have cut costs and reduced by attrition the number of state employees,” he said. “Unfortunately, given demands in education, health care, courthouse security and infrastructure improvements as well as the fact that we are facing a large gap in the FY15 budget between projected revenues and expenses, an employee raise isn’t responsible at this time.”
He appreciates you, all right.  So much so that he rates computers for state testing above the necessity for a pay raise or even money to keep paraprofessionals at work in Delaware classrooms.

Meanwhile, instead of funding better access to health care for 535 poor Delaware children, the Governor and Joint Finance Committee have apparently decided that charter schools need $2 million more than kids who cannot see a doctor.

It doesn't have to be health care, you know.  I'm using that figure about kids and health care to point out what the Governor and General Assembly don't want you to focus on:  they don't have actual strategic priorities for State spending.

(By the way, for kavips--who asked--here is the link to the premium cost of Medicaid for kids)


Nancy Willing said...

The 2 mill is privately being called the Charter Network slush fund....

Anonymous said...

Delaware Charter School Network - Delaware's Educational Fisker

Delaware Watch said...

If Governor Markell has national ambitions, his shortchange government employees style should serve him well.