Saturday, August 10, 2013

An addendum to the Highmark/MedExpress saga

Actually, two interesting points:

1.  The silence is deafening from the Insurance Commissioner's office.  Not only has Nancy Willing inquired at least five times regarding any investigation of this mess, Senator Petersen requested an Insurance Commissioner's inquiry when I sent her the materials, and Dr. Vince Schaller, Medical Director of the Lantana/Hockessin Walk-in Clinic has filed multiple complaints and inquiries.

From Karin Weldin Stewart's office:

... crickets ...

2.  This has also been an ongoing primer in who does and doesn't respond to real inquiries from citizens and constituents.  I live neither in Petersen's district, nor in John Kowalko's.  Both responded almost instantly when I asked.  I also always get quick responses from legislators like Paul Baumbach, Brian Bushweller, and Ernie Lopez--again:  I live in none of their districts.

On the other hand, I have sent all the same information (repeatedly) to Senator Greg Lavelle and Representative Joe Miro.  I do live in their district, and Dr. Schaller's clinic is a small business within their district that employs several dozen people, and is the only such clinic in our district.  From the two of them:

... crickets ...

Let's not make this into a partisan thing (with Lopez there is at least one R on the list who has been responsive, and I would generally count Senator Dave Lawson on that list as well).

And Lord knows that John Kowalko and I don't see eye-to-eye on single-payer, that I don't agree with Karen Petersen or Brian Bushweller on casino bail-outs, or with Lopez on trans-gender rights or gun control, etc. etc.

But all of these individuals have--in my experience--always taken their positions seriously enough that when anyone brings them a substantive issue, they do their jobs and look into it.


Nancy Willing said...


It is incredible that KWS is ok pushing this off and pretending it will just go away. Move along, nothing to see here, folks.

I will send her another email today to ask for the report on the supposed investigation her staff conducted over the last 10 months.

Anonymous said...

I live in the North Wilmington area. Over the last 20 years whenever I called my State Rep (Dave Brady, Wayne Smith and now Bryon Short) they gotten back to me the next day at the latest.

Over that same period of time I have NEVER gotten a response back from Cathy Cloutier.

Anonymous said...

But Sen. Cloutier sends out nice birthday cards!

kavips said...

I'm glad you decided not to make it into a partisan thing. For had you talked to Pete Schwartzkopf, Patty Blevins, or M. G-Smith, the blank replies would have been what you would have gotten back...

Likewise, if you'd talked to Bob Marshall, you'd have gotten a positive response. it it not partisanship, but character the makes the difference. Of those I mentioned and those you mentioned, a sense of entitlement permeates their comportment. It the perspective of the person, not the party. Those who respond, understand that we, J.Q. Public are their boss and therefore are the very reason they are working, and to us they must serve. Those others mentioned, think they are the boss, and that we must wait on them, that what they do is so important, they might not be able to get to us, unless those important things, allow them. They feel, we should understand that in their exalted position, it takes a lot of effort to distract themselves away from their haughty priorities.

Those whose characters may feel impinged by this, need to blame themselves before they begin throwing bombs at others. Good Character is not bound by partisan party lines.