Friday, August 16, 2013

The future for hospitals in Delaware under Highmark ...

... is already being played out in Pennsylvania.

Read this, and realize that today Highmark and MedExpress are after a monopoly on the urgent care market, but that tomorrow ...

... Christiana Care and BayHealth ...

They are coming after you.

Funny, I thought the point of having an Insurance Commissioner, an Attorney General, a Governor, and a General Assembly--you know, all those instruments of GOVERNMENT--was to protect the citizens of Delaware from predators like Highmark.


tom said...

Or we could be libertarians and protect ourselves from predators like Highmark.

I'd love to see some actual cutthroat competition on a level playing field.

And I'd love to see the bastards running the insurance companies facing a few dozen lawsuits & criminal charges without their pet Insurance Commissioner & Attorney General to protect them.

Let's eliminate the Office of Insurance Commissioner, repeal Title 18: Insurance, and throw KWS in prison where she belongs.

Of course, we'd also need to elect a competent AG, and do something to reform the Grand Jury system and restore them to their intended role of directing investigations and prosecutions instead of merely being a rubber stamp for the police & the AG's office. Providing them with adequate compensation for their service (perhaps on par w/ law clerks or paralegals) and protecting their regular jobs during their term of service would be a good start.

Steven H. Newton said...


I believe you miss the sarcasm in my last sentence.

Moreover I am pretty sure (because I am involved) that Highmark will be seeing some interesting lawsuits over the next couple of months.

As for cut throat competition, that's difficult when the system was rigged by Patti Blevins and KWS to give Highmark a $175 million gift and an immediate 35-40% market share coming into the state.

tom said...

Not missing anything (except for my fraction of whatever impact that $175M had on taxes and Delaware's economy ;-).

just indulging in a bit of wishful thinking.

and as for Patti Blevins, while she may get most of the blame for introducing it, lets not forget that she was aided and abetted by a supermajority of the previous General Assembly.