Friday, August 16, 2013

Secretary Schiliro: Delaware State Police incompetent to discipline their own

Not what you think.

The DSP actually held hearings and went through the process to throw a bad cop off the force, only to be over-turned by Secretary of Safety and Homeland Security Louis J. Schiliro.

I want you to stop and think for moment, in a state where indiscriminate use of tazers and head-stomping are considered acceptable police work, how bad does it have to be for the Delaware State Police to get rid of one of their own?

And let's not forget that Mr. Schiliro has now had nearly five years of watching the DSP operate under his supervision to figure out that something is not quite right.

Maybe the trooper in question did not need to go, but Mr. Schiliro certainly does.


NCSDad said...

Didn't read through. Was he bad in tha he broke the code? They seem to think they are above the law and can discipline their own.

Nancy Willing said...

AGREED - when I scanned through the story and saw that this cabinet-level prick was allowed to veto the process and reinstate a bad cop I tore it out of the paper and added it to my stack of WTF....

Glad you got a story out.