Wednesday, August 28, 2013

On light blogging, political activism, personal living

Apologies to those accustomed to regular reading here (both of you).

Blogging has been light for the past week because real life keeps intervening.

The semester started at DSU on Monday, and the older I get the more that first week kicks my ass.

But there are also elements of personal activism outside the blogosphere that intervene to keep me away from this keyboard.

Several I can mention:

1.  I am working with Rep. Paul Baumbach and the Certified Midwives of Delaware on an informal task force that seeks to revise the criminalized situation of midwives and home birth created by the passage of HB 194 last session.

2.  I am not just writing about the issue of Highmark in Delaware, but am also engaged in working with the local Medical Aid Units to help keep them in business against what appears to be a State-supported (or at least State-condoned) attempt to create a virtual monopoly for Highmark and MedExpress.

3.  I have been representing special needs children (especially those with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Dysautonomia) in IEP meetings around the country.  Since a lot of western schools go back in early to mid-August, I have been in IEP meetings in Arizona, Oklahoma, and (latest) New Jersey.

Of course there is also "life its own self" (sorry, Dan Jenkins), with college visits, kids going back to school, and my son's own IEP to be revisited.

But, in essence, my current philosophy is that when given a choice between writing about it and actually getting out to do something about it, I'm tending to get out more.

I will keep writing, however.  Wouldn't want the next "Around the Horn" to report that I had said nothing.


Hube said...

Flying across the country for IEPs? Wow ...

Steven H. Newton said...

I do get expenses if I have to fly or stay overnight.