Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Chuck Hagel: Boo f--king hoo

Ah, remember that the sequestration was going to gut our national defense?

Now Chuck Hagel has formally announced he found enough pork in the Defense Department budget to reduce furlough days for civilian employees from 11 down to 6, and if you read carefully he may not be done yet.

Somehow dear old Chuck managed to find a way to offset over half the $30 billion in cuts imposed by the sequestration.

But, of course, it's still awful there in Defense Department land, with the largest military budget on the face of the planet ...

Since Chuck's this good, what say we test him out with a $100 billion cut next year?

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mynym said...

Cut too much and they'll probably create a false flag to justify their existence and so forth. Different scenarios, drills and war games are already in the works: Dick Cheney's false flag attack idea to start the war with Iran