Thursday, November 5, 2009

Great intel we were getting from that Wali Karzai...

You'd think he might have helped the CIA twig to the fact that most of the American-trained Afghan police force had, uh, been infiltrated by the Taliban:

Following this morning’s incident, in which a long-serving Afghan policeman shot five British soldiers and then disappeared into the Helmand Province, the status of the nation’s police force in increasingly coming under question.

Officials say the police have been successfully infiltrated “at every level” by the Taliban, meaning even seemingly loyal police, today’s attacker served without incident for three years for instance, could be ticking time bombs just waiting for the order to attack.

Corruption and incompetence are long-standing issues with the nation’s police force – as one British soldier put it “we were literally training them how to point a gun on the ranges, and telling them why you should not stop cars and demand ‘taxes.’”

Which is probably the reason why the CIA is so disappointed to be caught having paid of for eight years an opium-dealing scumbag with access to the highest levels of the pot of corruption that passes for the US-puppet Afghan government.

By don't try telling that to anybody around here trying to do the faux outrage bit.

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Anonymous said...

There are NO good options for Afganistan short of GETTING THE HELL OUT. The United Nations NGO's are pulling out. Canada and other countries are eithering pulling out, or sending a few hundred troops....if Obama falls for these new lies about staying in Afganistan, or sending more cannon fodder to die, the streets of america should be filled with protestors. Another trillion down the drain, China will own America!