Tuesday, November 3, 2009

It's funny....

.... when I get a link--either positive or negative--from Delawareliberal I get a noticeable jump in my traffic reports--sometimes a couple hundred extra hits in a day.

But when Delaware Politics notices me .... nothing.

I wondered why.

Here are the current Alexa rankings.

Delawareliberal [rank] 742,247 [sites linking in] 160
Delaware Libertarian [rank] 1,305,533 [sites linking in] 90
Delaware Politics [rank] 4,193,377 [sites linking in] 34

That would seem to explain a lot.


Shirley Vandever said...

Maybe...Republicans are working?

Anonymous said...

Maybe republicans don't care what anyone else has to say?


Tyler Nixon said...

DP has now gone quite over the edge with theocon/neocon purism of late, especially with the return of Frank Knotts. (Man, that guy is so over-the-edge medieval minded...).

It's no surprise they don't have any interest in bringing attention to incisive critical thinking from libertarian quarters. It's a direct threat to their socialist dogma, as it concerns personal choices and behavior.

pandora said...

Medieval? LOL, Tyler. I thought the exact same thing - exact same word.

Must have something to do with that saying about great minds!

(emoticon withheld out of respect for your feelings)