Monday, November 16, 2009

A two-day hiatus followed by some quick hits

Soccer-induced fatigue rendered me incapable of producing any posts for nearly two days. No, not me: my daughter's team, the Western Family YMCA Bandits, won the statewide Kohl's Cup Tournament for rec leagues on Sunday, going 4-0-2. My daughter (who would like you all to know that she has not been infected with that libertarian thing) plays goal and allowed exactly zero goals in six games. [The Bandits also won the regular season in their league, due in no small part to her .33 goals against average.]

The weather was wonderful this year, but then--moments after winning--we had to rush out to the Charter School of Wilmington open house [for both of the twins]. This is high-school shopping season in Delaware, where choice and charter combine to produce a cross between selecting a college and a sorority/fraternity rush experience. It's kind of like speed-dating with high-school teachers.

So I've been a bit behind in everything, and--frankly--I'm still exhausted. So here are some quick notes.

If all goes as planned (and the plan changed several times last week), I will make my inaugural appearance in the pages of the News Journal as a member of the Community Advisory Board, with an editorial regarding Delaware State Unversity and the State budget. It will be interesting, because while I don't let it all hang out, there will be several lines to make some insiders (maybe even some Trustees) cringe.

I note with almost filial pride that my old friend of thirty-plus years, Waldo, has at least briefly captured the status of Number One political blog in South Carolina, according to Blognet News. The big swinging bloggers of the Palmetto State (most of whom are GOPers) keep trying to figure out who the hell he is. For them, three absolutely useless clues: F. A. Mignet; people Will Rogers never met; and Six's Circus.

Over at Alphecca, Jeff has the best line of the week, whether you agree with his political prediction or not. Forecasting disaster for the Democrats, he suggests that in 2010, they are going to get stomped like a narc at a biker rally.

The local winner in that category is donviti, at his new digs, The Wage Slave: Big business rules in Delaware and like helpless date rape victims we allow the criminals to continue their deviant behavior year after year after year.

On the other hand, David Anderson has the scariest straight [and I mean that in the most humble, Biblical way] line of the week, referring to the recent Oprah interview of Our Lady of Wasilla: It is Sarah Palin at the top of her game. Sarah has game? No shit? The nicest thing I can think to say about Sarah these days is that she is the Wayne Root of the GOP, but with better legs and plucked eyebrows.

Meanwhile, in my wife's hometown, the University of Rochester (NY) has discovered what may be the key to non-macho-behaving little boys in ... their mothers' urine. Yeah. Uh, seriously.

And on that relatively substance-free note, it's off to bed. Real content tomorrow. Lunch will be free then as well.


mynameescapesme said...

this Donviti guy is a must read...I gotta tell ya!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the NJ gig.

Does this mean that we can play the Libertarian game in the letters to the editor section?

I am looking forward to reading your op-eds.


RSmitty said...

I found it in today's online version, although it took some hunting.

Steve Newton's Journalistic Career Awakens!

a most peculiar nature said...

I did that "Community Advisory Board" gig for 2 years. Those deadlines have a habit to popping up on you !

Delaware Watch said...

Congradts to your daughter and here team!