Thursday, November 19, 2009

In which I announce my candidacy for Congress in Delaware's Second Congressional District

... because I think that I might actually have a shot there.

The incumbent has been so ineffective as to be virtually invisible on the issues that matter to Delaware.

He (or she, I could never tell) needs to go.

My platform is simple:

1) I promise to triple the number of jobs created or saved in the district under the current stimulus programs.

2) I promise to double the number of people in the district receiving Medicaid benefits, even if that means providing completely free health insurance to some people now paying for it, just to hit my targets.

3) I am calling for the dsitrict to receive three times as much beach replenishment funding as it received last year.

4) I am not Mike Protack.

5) I am a firm believer in term limits, so I will pledge not to serve any more terms in the House of Representatives that necessary for me to supplement my State retirement with a Federal plan of equal or greater value.

6) Oh, and I'm not Colin Bonini, either.

and, finally:

7) I have a bumper sticker that is not lifted from the Old Testament:


Tyler Nixon said...

3) I am calling for the district to receive three times as much beach replenishment funding as it received last year.

See, now I know you're faking. Delaware's 2nd Congressional District doesn't even sit on any coastline!

a most peculiar nature said...

Tyler, are you sure? I thought that after the last re-alignment the coastline was removed from the 99th District and placed in the
2nd District. Or was it the
35th? :))

Tyler Nixon said...

I dunno, Shirl, but I know Obama and Joe are sherrr stimulating them thar economies with all them thar constituents gettin' that thar guvmint money...

Also, should we tell the birthers that Delaware's 2nd Cong District is where they are keeping Obama's birth certificate?

David said...

That is great. I don't know whose post was first, but let's bring it on. I am running too.

a most peculiar nature said...

A debate for the 2nd between Steve and David ? Hmmmmm, that should be quite interesting !

Rhymes With Right said...

I'm thinking of running in Texas 91.

Any chance we can establish a national organization for the US branch of the UK's Official Monster Raving Loony Party?