Friday, November 6, 2009

Signs of the apocalypse: Dave Burris and Donviti both back

... and both worth reading.

Dave Burris.

Donviti's The Wage Slave.

Visit often. Comment. Cringe. I will.


donviti said...

Next time, I want to be on top of Burris and not the other way around.

Steve Newton said...

OK but that requires him to quit blogging again and you to get fired from your own blog so that you can both return again.

Otherwise no more free plugs unless you are talking about either your gigantic onions or the 2 wars that nobody seems to notice.

RSmitty said...

Nah, Steve, "on top" as said by Donviti has less to do with top-billing than it does with "being on top."

C'mon man, you were talking to Donviti. Let's go, clear the head.

P.S.: It was giant mangos, not onions, not that I was paying attention.